Police Probe Family over ‘earning’ from Rape of Disabled woman

Police in Murang’a are looking into a family for allegedly settling rape allegations against a member who is mentally challenged out of court.

According to Alexander Shikondi, the head of the Murang’a South sub-county police, the family has been charged with twice accepting cash from those suspected of raping the 40-year-old woman.

“We are investigating the claims that the family has been demanding goats and money from rapists targeting its disabled member,” he said.

“A case in point is when it requested from one suspect Sh2,000, a goat, a crate of Pepsi, and 100 liters of traditional brew.”

According to reports, the man was called to the family’s Maragua Ridge house. He begged the family not to call the police when they suspected him of raping the woman.
The man and the family came to an agreement on a fine.

He had pursued the woman as she was wandering the village, dragged her into the bush, and sexually assaulted her. He was apprehended by villagers after they overheard the victim screaming in agony, according to Mr. Shikondi.

According to reports, the same man was seen raping the victim once more on January 11. At roughly 6.40 p.m., he attacked her as she was carrying water from a nearby river.

Ichagaki Disabled Network Coordinator Damaris Muthoni said, “After the situation was brought to our knowledge three days later, we refused any type of talks and requested that the matter be reported to the police.

The victim was raped on May 29, according to another suspect.

According to Ms. Muthoni, the network pressured her family to send her to Maragua Level Four Hospital for a checkup. She had been sexually abused, according to a medical report.

“The culprit has fled, and we have now made sure that the incident is noted at the Maragua Police Station. However, we are assisting the police in finding him so that he can be arrested and prosecuted with the crime, according to Ms. Muthoni.

Mr. Shikondi said his officers were on the trail of the culprit and that it was illegal to resolve sexual assault cases outside of court.

A court decided in February 2021 that the only person with the authority to drop a rape case once it has been filed in court is the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“We want any proof that there were rapists who were pardoned by the family after they paid a fee,” he declared. All individuals who will be implicated in the scam will be questioned and prosecuted.

This is a culture that needs to be eradicated. You cannot sell justice to sexual criminals while at the same time ignoring the harm done to the victims, the man stated.

“When the victim is incapacitated and unable to speak for herself, it is much more upsetting and outrageous. She resides in a dangerous family where some members exploit her for financial gain.

According to Ms. Muthoni, the practice of giving gifts to family members to mask violence against people with disabilities is pervasive in society and occasionally involves coordination with officials.

“We will be very appreciative if this culture is eradicated and everyone is made to understand that it is illegal… believe defilements and rapes can be resolved by giving gifts to the victim’s family members,” she stated.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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