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Police brutality; is it necessary when enforcing curfew rules?

Police brutality in imposing the strict measure on curfew rules has become a norm. Eliud Kinuthia, a National Police Commission chairman, warns police officers who are unprofessionally carrying out the rules. He warns that these police officers will be disciplined in accordance to the law.

Police brutality is becoming a norm when it comes to enforcing the Covid-19 rules

Residents from different parts of Nairobi area are airing out their complaints over recent police brutality. Some have been beating even before the curfew hours while others have been caught and jailed.

Mr. Kinuthia says that it is unprofessional of cops to beat up civilians rather they should remind people to head home. He adds that destroying people’s property is misconduct. He had seen a video of a police officer brutally beat up a civilian at an entertainment joint.

Hillary Mutyambai, the Inspector General of Police, says the operation will continue to make certain rules are obeyed. He states that all police officers have been instructed to carry out protocols and regulations in strict compliance.

However, society groups are urging Mr. Mutyambai to make sure police do not carry out measures violently.

Civil society groups like Haki Africa, Kituo cha Haki Kibera, and Wanawake Mashinani Initiative have let out their cry concerning police brutality in different areas of Nairobi. They state that their experience is that police fail to enforce regulations however they torture, kill, harass, and intimidate Kenyans.

It is inappropriate and intolerable what members of the entertainment and pubs are undergoing, the Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurant Association of Kenya says. Their members have undergone harshe treatments from police officers since the adjustment of the curfew hours.

Bars and pubs that are mostly targeted are those along Ngong Road, Kiambu Road, Mombasa Road, and Thika Road. Others based in Kilimani, Utawala, and Lang’ata are also targets to which citizens are facing police brutality.

A casualty had occurred in Nakuru whereby partygoers at a joint engaged the police in battle. Beer bottles and cans were thrown to the officers consequently tear gas was thrown into the joint. Approximately 86 partygoers have been arrested.

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