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Facebook has initiated a program aimed at helping small businesses sell their products on Facebook without inconveniences.

The social media giant has developed Facebook shops with the aim of creating a marketplace for small businesses on the Facebook app, which previously missed a storefront.

Most Facebook pages for marketing purposes use catalogs of users’ products. However, customers are required to move to a website to shop for the desired products.

The Facebook shop will now ease the business advertisements as it will allow clients to shop for the products without visiting any website.

The Facebook shop app has been developed by the Facebook AI team and constitutes various amazing categories for brands that will have, name, color, design, and style. Clients will be required to filter and search for the desired products.

According to the Facebook AI team, the company is doing this to help businesses customize their pages on shops that will also have new insights and a real-time preview of collection design.

The new app will also include a checkout feature that allows clients to complete the transaction without leaving the app and also will remember payment information with collection and delivery details.

Facebook is also making it possible for shoppers to converse with businesses through the Facebook Messenger App, Instagram direct messaging, or WhatsApp.  

Studies indicate that approximately 85% of people in the world are shopping online due to COVID 19. Therefore, shopping option through Facebook will be a major win for the company

In the recent past, Facebook partnered with Reliance Jio from India to allow people to make their grocery orders through WhatsApp. The Facebook shopping feature will first be launched in the US and a global rollout will follow so that businesses across the world can enjoy the feature.

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