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Officer shoots colleagues following redeployment notice

An officer in Nyamira County shot two of his colleagues following a redeployment notice, from his seniors, from the Governor’s residence.

The police officer, Julius Mdachi, who shot his colleagues

According to police reports, the police officer, Julius Mdachi, became violent following the redeployment notice from his seniors. Mdachi was required to redeploy from his current post at the Governor’s residence in Nyamira County.

During the talks between the senior policemen and Mdachi, he failed to acknowledge his transfer therefore became resistant. It was later established that the junior policeman took out a gun and shot his seniors. He also shot himself through the mouth with an AK47 and died on the spot.

Reports also indicate that the seniors were shot at the entrance of the Police quarters administration.

The policemen who were shot are Chief Inspector Nicanor Odhiambo and Sergeant Amani Ali.

However, it is reported that the two seniors died due to a delay in response by the area police. Upon reaching the hospital, Ali succumbed to his injuries after suffering massive blood loss.

Chief Inspector Odhiambo and Sergeant Ali died at the Nyamira County Hospital.

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