Nick Candy will get a short term loan to keep Chelsea afloat

Chelsea have been officially up for sale for over a week now – and unofficially up for sale for longer than that – so we’re starting to get to know some of the serious bidders and what they’ll bring.

Nicky Candy is a property developer who has made a fortune in London, and as someone who grew up as a Chelsea fan he’s been getting a decent amount of attention as a potential buyer.

The Mail today have revealed that he would take on a “lifeline loan” to help Chelsea through the rest of this season while his team sort things out behind the scenes.

It’s about as grim as “good news” can be. Chelsea fans are used to supporting a team with essentially limitless wealth, hearing that their beloved club will need a short term loan just to keep the lights on is pretty depressing.

What do you think?

Written by Francis Okello

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