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Nakuru: Father jailed for life for defiling daughter

A 28-year-old man in Nakuru was jailed for life following his guilty plea to defiling his own daughter.

Man has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Nakuru

The 28-year-old man appeared before Molo Resident Magistrate Emanuel Soita in Nakuru County.

During the court proceeding in Nakuru, the man admitted to have defiled his daughter repeatedly between the months of January and February.

Shameful act

According to reports, the father would sneak into the child’s room and commit the heinous act without the knowledge of his daughter’s mother.

However, the sister to the victim saw their father commit the act and she went on to report to their mother. Immediately, she reported the matter to police and the man was arrested on February 22, 2021.

Magistrate Soita gave the father time to think about his (father’s) guilty plea and the consequence to it but he stood his ground.

Consequently the court closed the case by sentencing him to life imprisonment on the account of his plea to being guilty of committing the act.

“The suspect is sentenced to life imprisonment,” Magistrate Soita ruled.

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