Nairobi Metropolitan Services to renovate CBD footbridge

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) plans to renovate the CBD Post Office footbridge that is along Haile Selassie avenue.

Zebra Crossing already placed at the busy road. Courtesy

The plans for renovation come after a trailer that was carrying an excavator damaged the footbridge back earlier in December 2020.

Meanwhile, pedestrians are advised by Nairobi Metropolitan Services to be cautious while using the bridge until it gets renovated.

NMS is currently putting up a temporary structure to support the footbridge as plans for constructing a new bridge is still underway.

According to NMS Director of Roads, Infrastructure and Public Works Engineer, Michael Ochieng, zebra crossing signs are in place on the busy avenue. However, Ochieng warns that traffic will be slowed down due to pedestrians crossing the road.

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