Nairobi MCA Loses seat for demanding a bribe

Nairobi MCA Loses his seat for demanding a bribe of Ksh1.7 Million to resolve a case.

Nairobi MCA David Njilithia Mberia

Mr. David Njilithia Mberia (Karen ward MCA) has been convicted to serve three years in jail or pay Ksh 700,000 fine.

A ruling passed by Milimani Senior Magistrate Thomas Nzioki declared that David Njilithia Mberia lost his Karen seat upon conviction.

He’s convicted of three counts of soliciting a bribe and accepting treated money from the Ethic and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The Magistrate informed the MCA that he should abdicate his office as per the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act. This is according to Section 18 (8) of the Bribery Act Number 45 of 2016 he added.

County Speaker to be informed

Mr. Nzioki informed Mberia that a copy of the ruling will be forwarded to the Nairobi County Speaker for implementation. He further added that Karen ward seat will be declared void and a by-election held as a sentence consequence.

Mberia had demanded Ksh 1.7 Million to affect the outcome of an inquiry by the Culture and Social Services Committee.

The ruling read, for the offence of demanding Ksh 1Million, the court has imposed a fine of Ksh 300,000. For the offence of demanding Ksh500, 000, the court has imposed a fine of Ksh 200,000. For the offence of receiving Ksh200,000 treated money by EACC, the court has  imposed a fine of Ksh 200,000.

The court declared that the sentences will run consecutively.

Magistrate Nzioki rejected Mberia’s defence that EACC officers trapped him when he received Ksh 200, 000 at a petrol station. Nzioki further added that all conversations between him and Kiragu were recorded and a copy given to complainant (Kiragu).

Mberia had been charged alongside Jared Okoth(Mathare North MCA) and Abraham Mwangi (Woodley/Kenyatta MCA) both freed for lack of evidence.

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