Nairobi Hospital: Sonko admitted following stomach complications

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was rushed to the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday morning after he developed stomach complications.

Mike Sonko in Court during a hearing

According to reports, Sonko complained of stomach troubles which got worse over the weekend prompting security officials to rush him to the Nairobi hospital.

Mike Sonko was expected to know his Court ruling concerning his bail application as well as an application made to detain him for a period of 30 days.

During a Kiambu court hearing last week, Sonko faced various charges, including assault charges. In addition, he was charged that on May, 2019, he entered the property of Landmark International Properties by force and with violence.

Additionally, he is charged with causing bodily harm after he led a group of men into the Landmark property and assaulted a man stationed at the building.

Furthermore, Chief Inspector Geoffrey Ndatho pleaded with the Court saying that Sonko should be denied bail saying that he will interfere with witnesses.

Currently, Sonko is facing a number of charges at the court as his loyal followers hope that he will be released and the deep state will stop following him.

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