Nairobi Beggars Carrying Fake Babies To Gain Sympathy

It’s a typical practice on Nairobi’s renowned Uhuru Highway. Beggars can be seen lining up on the road and weaving in and out of stationary cars to beg.

Unreliable beggars who prey on drivers caught in traffic jams have converted the busy motorway, which is infamous for its traffic, into a productive “hunting” ground.

Despite the fact that begging is an age-old custom and that many compassionate Kenyans like lending a helping hand occasionally, some beggars have turned to questionable strategies in an effort to gain the pity of Kenyans with tender hearts.

One such strategy entails bringing a baby or child along with you. As a result, practically every female beggar in Nairobi today has a youngster either sitting next to their begging bowl or slung to their back.

To trick charitable Kenyans into giving them something—anything—some female beggars along the Uhuru Highway have taken to carrying rugs made to resemble human children on their backs.

Mr. Walter Ouma, a driver, had a startling encounter with a female beggar who was carrying what looked like a baby on her back.

Ouma told Wananchi Reporting about his encounter.

With a baby on her back, a young woman approached my car and held out her hand, pleading for any spare change so she could buy food.

The mother shamelessly refused to let me see the infant, and when I insisted, she went off in a huff, disappearing in the sea of cars, the author continues.

That’s when I saw she was holding rugs that had been altered to resemble babies, he continued.

Wananchi received confirmation from a hawker who stands beside the road. stating that some women do genuinely tote phony babies when out panhandling.

Agnes Mburu, a roadside vendor, observed, “I see them here all the time, utilizing different tricks particularly during the nighttime hours when there is a lot of traffic on the road.”

Mburu claims that the tactic is employed both in the city center and during traffic bottlenecks.

Mburu further disclosed that some women traders in the capital frequently “borrow” or “rent” babies to go hawking with them in order to escape being run over by County Askaris with hawk eyes.

As of late, according to Police spokesman Bruno Shioso, the problem of street begging is out of control.

The spokesperson was reacting to rumors that some powerful people are bringing crippled Tanzanians into Nairobi from destitute families to join their begging train.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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