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Naifest: Investigations commence on the death of Kenyan musician ‘Shanty’

Naifest had a lot of ups and down as many of those who attended were molested and attacked. The event, held in Ngong Racecourse, left others with regrets of attending. The event organizer, Bridget Achieng, denies of death of the young Kenyan musician ‘Shanty.’

Investigations commence on the death of the 17-year old boy Shanty

Earlier this November, Geoffrey Gikonyo, the father to the musician, began search for his missing son. Shanty, also known as Stephen Munga as birth name, is a 17-year old boy. They had always known their child for going out on a couple of events but he would reach home on time.

But after he failed to return home for two consecutive nights, they felt that something was not right.

The search for Munga however left the family to discover his body in the city mortuary in Nairobi.

They were deeply traumatized to find their only son with lots of injuries on his head and visualized how he died in pain.

Gikonyo says the mortuary workers told him Shanty was beaten up at the event by unknown people.

A post-mortem report shows Munga died from severe head injuries.

However, the family states that the 17-year old left the house as his usual self to head to the event. That was the last day they had seen their only boy alive.

What was yet to be clarified was why a 17-year old boy would be allowed in the event that is meant for adults. Witnesses however say IDs are not a requirement to enter and teenagers were knowingly allowed to enter.

Witnesses also say that alcohol was being sold to teenagers who had attended.

As revealed by most of the Naifest event goers, the event is mainly characterized by ignorance of the Covid-19 regulations, violence and drug use.

Shanty dies at the event

Many of the witnesses who have been questioned say Shanty was at the event and he was alive before being beaten ruthlessly by the bodyguards.

Shanty was dragged out of the event by bouncers who were thouroughly beaten the teenager who was not at fault. It is unclear what had happened but a witness says she found his body lying outside and he seemed unconscious but had lost of bruises.

Police are yet to arrest any suspect in relation to Shanty’s death but investigations are undergoing.

Even though many witnesses who attended the event say Shanty died by brutal beating by the bouncers, the event organizer, Bridget Achieng says Shanty did not die at the Naifest.

In addition, musicians like Frasha and Nonini are joining the family in looking for answere concerning Shanty’s death.

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