“My Life is in Danger,” Senator Malala Decries

Kakamega Senator C. Malala: Photo Courtesy

Kenyan political arena requires men and women with a strong will to endure if remaining relevant is something to go by. Politicians have their own stories to tell with the latest story falling on embattled Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala who allegedly says security was assigned to eliminate him.

He emotionally presented himself before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee and National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, saying five officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) camped around him.

I am a husband and a young father. The most painful thing is that I am being accused of stage-managing my arrest on August 17,” he said while holding back tears.

The senator was overwhelmed with emotion as he narrated his frustration in having his security beefed up. He requested the Inspector General of Police to take action claiming that the letters he has written to several offices have proven futile.

Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai and other senior officers from the National Police Service, who had appeared before the committee, were all this time listening. The joint committee then adjourned the meeting and asked the IG to summon the DCI to appear before him side by side to respond to the accusations.

Senator Malala named the five officers as Sergeant Kiprop, Benedict B, Adanus Chemtai, David Kutekha, and Sylvanus Njeru. He allegedly said that the five were summoned at a Thika-hotel where they met inspector Wanjala who gave them the assignment.

The lawmaker said the officers drove on a Subaru Forrester green in color and then gave themselves code name Bravo Zulu Yankee, a Total fueling card, and five rifles after surrendering their Ceska pistols. He added saying that the rifles they were given were semi-automatic and are known as Scorpio- Israeli made.

Sources from a close associate of Mr. Malala also say the officers were told to go on compulsory two-week leave and were given Sh20,000 as travel allowance.

The embattled senator claimed that on many occasions, he had begged for security and nobody is willing to accord him the same, going extents of pleading with the Kakamega County Commissioner to look into the threats but all had been in vain.

“Mr. Chair nobody is willing to give me security. It is so sad walking around the streets of Kakamega and Kenya knowing I will be killed the next day,” Malala said.

He said he carries a heavy heart because some respected leaders still claimed that he stage-managed his arrest.

His woes started during the revenue debate that led to his arrest on August 17 after a 10-hour dramatic standoff.

The nature of politics in the country is marked by threats, hate, and tension, leading to many claims about insecurity among politicians.

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Written by Barrack Ongwe

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