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Mutyambai: “Strict enforcement of Covid-19 protocols and regulations”

Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai, warns the public on violating Covid-19 protocols and regulations as put forth by Ministry of Health.

Inpector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai

According to Mutyambai, there is a general increase in violation of the protocols including holding of public gatherings, failure to wear masks while in public areas, overcrowding public service vehicles, and failure to adhere to curfew hours. In addition, he says that these illegal public gatherings are causing the violation of observing social distancing.

Since March 2020, when the pandemic broke, Kenya has recorded a total of 102,048 Covid-19 cases but the numbers continue to rise daily. The Ministry of Health had imposed strict measures to ensure that the virus does not spread rapidly hence causing mass deaths.

During his last Presidential address, the President, through CS Fred Matiang’I, said the curfew hours will continue until March. Currently, Curfew hours start from 10pm and end at 4am, however, some Kenyans are suffering economically due to the closure of night business caused by curfew period. Sectors like Tourism and Entertainment are the most affected worldwide.

However, Kenyans have relaxed in terms of the Covid-19 regulations and protocols. Most Kenyans don’t wear masks nor wash their hands regularly while politicians continue to hold rallies illegally. This has therefore forced the police to act and remind Kenyans that the pandemic is still within Kenya.

Hilary Mutyambai says that breaching of Covid-19 protocols will cause a rise in infections in the country. Additionally, he says any one that intends to hold public rallies will have to notify the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) at least three days earlier. But they should not exceed 14 day period of notifying the OCS.

He has instructed police officers to impose the regulations most especially on business operators who close their shops later than 10pm.

Briefly, he says imposing strict compliance on protocols and regulations will help maintain the Covid-19 cases. Bar and restaurant operators and PSV operators have been warned on operating past curfew hours.

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