Murugi Munyi Receives Fire From Huddah Monroe After Criticizing Her Beauty Products

Huddah Monroe, a Kenyan socialite and businesswoman, has responded to Murugi Munyi’s criticism of her goods after personally sending the content producer one beauty package for marketing and sample purposes.
The CEO of the cosmetics and skincare brand Rich Beauty, Huddah, referred to Munyi as a hater on Instagram for outright disparaging her products.

This happened after the host of “The Messy In-between” podcast on Monday night called Huddah’s products “hideous,” noting that all of the items’ boxes contained the same phrasing and lacked a mention of the components they were produced of or extracted from, unlike other products.

“Why is this box reminding me of a success card though,” she said while unboxing the package.

She promised to try the products and provide feedback in two weeks, but this raised a red flag for her.

Murugi Munyi was insulted by Huddah in retaliation for her liposuction operation and for her physical size.

“100% money-back guaranteed on all our products. @ Murugi Munyi don’t bash things without trying coz repeated words or typo or a spelling mistake doesn’t take away from the efficiency of the products or the message,” she wrote.

“And by the way you are not I any way forced to use our products.. We work hard to get here. And people like you make us stronger daily!” 

Added Huddah: “You know just because I chose to use influencers doesn’t mean that I’m running out of business or whatever I just use you people because I’m tired of using my face, but kama nyinyi ndio mnafanyanga tukule my friend, wacha nikufe njaa because I don’t need you. If I want I’ll hire professional models.”

“Everyone who tried to bring me down, is fallen on their career and is nowhere to be seen! Only God will say CUT not YALL! Keep hating!” she posted.

Murugi posted a response to the criticism directed at her on her Instagram page, claiming that she didn’t mean any offense and that all she had done in her capacity as an influencer was offer her honest opinions. She also expressed her best wishes for Huddah.

“I have seen that Huddah has put a series of stories about me, about what I said about the products yesterday, and I really want to respond because me I don’t really like when thing are just like hanging in the air, lemme start by saying I personally have nothing against Huddah or her products,” said Munyi.

“I think Huddah is a beautiful woman. She’s incredibly smart, incredibly successful, and like what she has been able to do with the online space, the fact that she has been able to build multiple amazing businesses online shows that truly you do not need influencers,” she added.

 “Not everyone who gives honest feedback is a hater or is trying to bring you down. And not everyone who you don’t like is going to fail. Life is not a Nigerian movie and you don’t hold the key to anyone’s destiny.”

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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