Multicare Moving Company, The Best Moving Company in Kenya

Are you moving across the town or the country? Relocating is an exciting moment, especially if you move to a better house, office, or another country. However, the difficulty occurs when you have to pack and move your items to your new location. Non-professional means of moving objects can be costly because of the lack of knowledge on how to pack items, lack of resources to pack things, and the possibility of damaging belongings in the process. Imagine having your items packed in an orderly and safe manner, transported safely, unpacked, and arranged for you in your new location. That is precisely what Multicare moving company offers. They offer the best professional moving company in Kenya. Multicare moving company has a team of trained staff who provide complete moving services, all you have to do is get ready to enter your new furnished premises.

Besides moving your item from point A to point B, Multicare offers an entirely professional service. Complete service entails pre-packing before the actual moving. Multicare team will pre-pack your files and items in safe boxes and label them according to the department or room they are supposed to move. The company ensures they protect your furniture and other electronics with padding materials to ensure safety during transportation.

Are you worried about moving heavy safes from your office premises? Multicare has got you covered too. The company provides hydraulic trolleys to deal with moving heavy items. The company has invested in trucks with tail lifts to load goods or items quickly. When they arrive at your destination, the Multicare team unpacks and arranges your house to your satisfaction. They even go ahead and mount your wall hangings, install your TV and Dstv or Zuku for you and connect your electronic appliances. Multicare ensures you have had a time-saving, orderly, and swift relocation.

Whenever you want to move from one home to another, or one office to another, always choose Multicare moving company. The company not only move offices and houses, but they also ship your belongings from one country to another. Multicare offers the best international removal services because it has a professional team and uses the best infrastructure.

Why should I choose Multicare Movers Company?

Saves Money

Multicare offers affordable services. Careless moving can be expensive due to the damages during movement. Multicare takes care of your belonging and provides complete assistance to ensure your comfort.

You Move at your Convenience.

Hiring Multicare Moving Company will allow you to schedule the time you want to pack, pick up and deliver your belongings to your requested premises. Some people rely on friends and family to help them move; such might take time and work at the convenience of the people you rely on. Multicare gives you the freedom to move any time you want.

Insured Belongings

Moving with Multicare moving company gives your belongings a certain amount of insurance. This means that your items will become automatically covered during the moving process. The policy covers a portion of the cost to replace damaged items. Complete insurance coverage of your belongings is also available for purchase.

Protection of Items

Packing and moving items require a lot of skills. Multicare has a trained team that handles your belongings with special care to move your items safely.

Extra Services

Multicare company not only moves your belongings, but they also help you arrange your house or office, Install television and internet, and other electronics needed to be installed.

Saves Time

Having a planned outline on moving will save you time. Multicare takes care of everything; therefore, you can use the time to schedule other things.

 If you are relocating anywhere across the town or the country, Multicare is the best Moving company in Kenya. Contact them for an instant fantastic experience.

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Written by Francis Okello

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