Mohamed Ali gun drama at parliament chambers

Mohamed Ali (Nyali MP) walked into parliament chambers with a gun under his belt. Elisha Odhiambo (MP Gem) notified Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi pushing him to order the MP to surrender his firearm.

Mohamed Ali MP for Nyali

Mr Odhiambo addressed the house saying he was not aware that members were allowed to wear guns within the chambers. He went on to say that if that’s a gun Ali is carrying then they are not safe.

Mr. Ali apologized for forgetting to leave his things outside the chambers and promised to surrender the gun. He then hit out at Odhiambo for making the matter a public one instead of him approaching and notifying him

He pressed on asking MPs behave like gentlemen and exercise a little discretion on personal matters. He reprimanded Odhiambo for politicizing making it a tangatanga matter thing and thus putting his life in danger

 His fellow members however felt threatened and could be heard shouting to him to surrender his gun.

Members of Parliament are licensed to carry guns but are not allowed to enter chambers with them.

Parliamentary sittings resumed on 11th February 2021 with a new calendar allowing for sitting till late hours of the night. According to the new calendar the House will have two sittings on Tuesday and three on Thursday.

The review will allow members especially on government’s side to pass bills i.e the referendum Bill that is upcoming.

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