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Moderna vaccine: US authorizes second vaccine

Moderna vaccine has been approved as the second vaccine by the United States. The vaccine has been approved for emergency use and will be distributed within the US during the weeend.

US approves Moderna vaccine for emergency use

United States is among the first nation to approve of the Moderna vaccine after the Pfizer/BioNTech was approved days earlier.

Millions of doses will begin shipping out as the weekend starts.

The US is registering over 2000 death cases in a day all due to Covid-19. Additionally, over 5, 000 infection cases are being reported as the festive season continues.

Senior officials like Vice President Mike Pence got early vaccinations. President-elect Joe Biden and former US President Barack Obama said they will get vaccinated in public in order to boost public confidence.

Similarly, Donald Trump said he might consider getting vaccinated even though he announced that he is immune to the virus. Earlier on, Trump had infected the virus and went in quarantine.

Kenya buys AstraZeneca vaccine

The Ministry announced buying 24 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine that will see 30 per cent of Kenyans get vaccinated. The other 70 per cent are advised to continue observing the guidelines put forth by World Health Organization.

Ministry of Health reported that the AstraZeneca vaccine is fairly cheap and easy to store.

HELLO NEWS reported that the vaccine will be rolled out by January or February 2021. People considered at high risk like the health workers will get the vaccine.

However, Kenyans have expressed their unwillingness in getting vaccinated as they claim the vaccine is not considered effective. But ODM leader, Raila Odinga, says he will get vaccinated in public in order to boost confidence for people to get the vaccine.

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