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Matungulu: Candidates run out of school claiming they are tired of studying

Candidates in Matungulu Boys High School ran out of school claiming they are tired of learning. It is reported that at least 80 of the candidates left the institution based at the Sub-County of Kangundo.

Students at Matungulu Boys High School say they are tired of learning

According to statements from the instituition, the students left in the evening without causing riot leaving a total of 36 candidates in the school. They had earlier declined to have their meals during the day.

During an interview with a number of them, the school administration is too strict and that their principal has been denying them their rights. They additionally say they would rather stay at home and go to school when its examination time.

We are tired of studying,” the candidates of Matungulu Boys High School also added.

In addition, the students claim they are given poor diet and entertainment sessions have been withdrawn by the administration.

However, Joseph Makau, the school principal, condemns their behavior and terms their act as improper behavior.

Makau says those who walked out have a freestyle type of living and they do not want to follow school regulations for better learning. He also says the school will not allow such behaviors in the institution.

Parents of the students who had left the school were informed about the incident.

Even though the students left the school without notice, no property was destroyed, the principal says.

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