Magufuli dismisses deputy minister for failing to read oath in Swahili

Magufuli has recently dismissed one of his appointed deputy Minister for minerals after he failed to read the oath in Swahili. The Minister was given three chances to read the oath but he was unable to do so.

Magufuli dismisses one of his cabinet members

During the inauguration of the Cabinet, one of the appointed Deputy Minister for Minerals, Francis Ndulane, failed to read his oath in Swahili. Ndulane was however given three chances after he failed the first time.

Consequently, the President of Tanzania stated that he will replace Ndulane with someone else.

Magufuli furthermore said the authorities will look into whether Francis Ndulane had falsified his academic certificates.

In addition Magufuli stated that they would look for someone who can read the documents properly before entering office.

Warning to new Cabinets

The Tanzania President had also notified new Cabinets against taking selfies when government projects are being launched.

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