Magoha: Pay Fees to Avoid Learning Disruption

The ministry is urging parents of form four students in boarding schools to clear their fees. This is to avoid school heads from sending learners home. School managers have been making complaints on matters to do with school fees. They claim that they have been operating the institutions without money since schools were opened.

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The cabinet secretary, George Magoha at a press conference

Belio Kipsang, the Basic Education Principal Secretary, said in spite of financial problems caused by Covid-19, parents should carry out their obligations. Dr. Kipsang went ahead to state that they are only asking for boarding fee. Kipsang went ahead and said that the students in boarding schools need meals, electricity and other services as well.

He also added that parents should not see this as a burden but they should transfer what they spent on children at home to pay the fees. George Magoha, the education cabinet secretary, had earlier this month said that parents should not fail to take their children to school.

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Financial challenges

During his speech on schools reopening, George Magoha said principals should ensure no child is sent home because of school fees, whether it is the private and public school.

For over a week now, the head teachers have been complaining of financial challenges. The challenges have been happening in schools that have reopened. The government has also not released funds for the second term and learners have not as well cleared fees. The government is expected to provide tuition fee while parents on the other hand are required to pay for the boarding.

Kahi Indimuli, the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association chairman, said a higher percent of learners have not paid fees. Mr. Indimuli added that running schools without necessary funds is becoming increasingly difficult.

Nicholas Gathemia, the Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association chairman, said the government should expain how free primary ducation can function when the schools have no money. Mr. Gathemia also added that the release of Sh1, 470 per pupil to schools is not enough for necessary operations.

Mr. Gathemia went ahead to ask what will happen to schools if the government does not release funds and if students don’t pay their fees.

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