Magoha: Desk project interference will be dealt with

Officials have started interfering with the economic boost plan for the desk project for schools with needy children. No teacher or education official will be dealt with sympathetically but will be dealt with in accordance to the law.

The Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha

George Magoha, the education cabinet secretary, says a few “immoral” officials are conspiring to put a stop to the efforts made by the government. He says they are keeping quality desks that are meant for schools, for their own selfish interests. Teachers and some immoral officials are conspiring to splitting the delivery whereas the rest of the desks are taken elsewhere.

Magoha added that the jua kali artisans did a good job in making the desks but he will not allow greedy officials to mess with their plan. The goal of the government is to support needy children and schools by providing the desks.

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Teachers and officials in Migori have been given 24 hours to undo what they have done and ensure the desks go to appropriate schools. They shall be arrested if they do not act within the allocated 24 hours.

“…some education officers think they are smarter than the government…we are not going to argue with anybody.” Magoha adds. He was in Uasin Gishu County at Langas Primary School where he had gone to check on the desk project.

On Covid-19, he asks education officials to work with the Interior Ministry and government agencies to make sure children are safe amid spike in infections. Similarly, he says that some of the officials are “sleeping on their job.” The officials are waiting to deliver reports rather than help the community.

Education field officers and school heads are expected to collaborate with the Interior Ministry and make certain each school is hospitable. In accordance to the school desk project, they are currently between 50 and 60 percent complete. The government expects a 100% complete project and 653,000 desks delivered to selected schools.

Finally, he says the learning programs are in good progress for the Grade Four, Standard Eight and Form Four learners.

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