Magoha Apologizes For Early School Closure

On behalf of the government, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha issued an apology for the early school closure.

Magoha explained that the decision to build the CBC courses at Umoja Secondary School in Eldoret was made to ensure that the IEBC would begin early preparations for elections.

Magoha added that he considers the wellbeing of the kids, particularly at this time of transition.

Magoha issued a directive on Monday stating that all schools will be closed on Tuesday, August 2, and that pupils would return on Monday, August 11.

“Following consultation, I hereby convey the Government’s decision on the immediate closure of all basic education institutions from Tuesday, August 2 until Wednesday, August 10 to ensure that preparations and conduct of upcoming elections is carried out seamlessly,” CS Magoha said in a statement on Monday.

His earlier claim that schools would be shuttered from August 6 to August 15 to make space for the general election was in direct conflict with this.

Parents and other stakeholders from educational institutions were outraged by the short notice of the closure of the school and said that they were unprepared for the sudden closure.

Parents of boarding school students expressed their disappointment on social media channels, claiming they had previously made travel arrangements with the knowledge that schools would be closed on August 6.

Given that continuous evaluation tests were being administered in some schools, teachers were also upset by the news.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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