Why Obado Impeachment bid is a Hard Nut to Crack

The Embattled Migori Governor Okoth Obado: Photo Courtesy

Luo elders have asked the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to stop their impeachment push against Migori County Governor Okoth Obado.
The elders say the governor’s impeachment will bring a division in the county. Hence, they call upon the ODM Party to advise its members to drop the impeachment bid until the corruption case against the governor is concluded.
The bill seeking the impeachment of Governor Obado is expected to be tabled in the assembly this week on Tuesday when the Migori County Assembly resumes its duties.

“One of the roles of the elders is to maintain peace within the land. The council is concerned about the possibility of a fight in the assembly with great effects across the county if the motion is brought to the house,” Mr. Ongadi said adding that, the governor is innocent until proven guilty.

In the meantime, Migori County Assembly Speaker Boaz Okoth has warned that violence might mar the assembly suppose a motion is brought forward to impeach the governor.

Religious leaders have also extended their take and weighed in on the matter. They have called on the MCAs to “exercise their oversight role with due diligence”.
Migori Inter-Faith Council Chairman, Bishop John Okinda, and Ranen Conference President Beryl Ngore talked saying the church cannot quiet and watch the county tear apart. The chairman also asked the Migori MCAs to resolve the issue diligently.
“MCAs should be allowed to perform their role without political interference. Nobody should influence their work,” Bishop Okinda said.
The clergy said they abhor corruption and so anything that paints dark the integrity of a public servant should be looked into with utmost urgency giving Assembly members the ball to act safeguarding the interests of the electorates.

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