Leave Me Alone If You Don’t Want To Support Me! DP Ruto Hits back At Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been rebuked by Vice President William Ruto for his recent attack on the Kenya Kwanza camp.

The DP bare-knuckled the head of state while addressing a crowd in Kapsabet on Friday, accusing him of interfering in his political affairs when his term in office was already coming to an end.

DP Ruto criticized President Kenyatta for supporting Raila Odinga despite the fact that he (Ruto) had supported him in the previous elections in 2013 and 2017 and advised him to refrain from disparaging the Kenya Kwanza team.

“Wachana na William Ruto. I supported you when you needed a man to support you, if you don’t want to support me, leave me alone. Mimi na wewe tuheshimiane,” Ruto intimated.

“Hata kama umenifanya yale yote umenifanya, mimi ni mngwana na mkristo na nitahakikisha umeenda nyumbani pole pole bila shida.”

The DP also criticized the President for allegedly intimidating Kenya Kwanza supporters with threats.

“I want to ask the president, you shouldn’t be the source of threats in Kenya… kazi yako ni kuhakikisha ya kwamba Wakenya wote wako salama; wacha kutuambia tutakujua wewe ndio Rais, sisi sio watu wa kutishwa,” Ruto remarked.

“We are the people who elected you, don’t threaten us!”
This comes days after President Kenyatta blasted his deputy over what he termed as political doublespeak and spreading lies concerning the Naivasha Inland Container Deport (ICD).

In a similar vein, President Kenyatta pushed Nakuru locals to support Odinga, branding Ruto’s supporters as too “politically immature” to govern the nation after the August elections.

“A whole leader standing in public and saying look at these people, they have moved the railway and port to Naivasha. Surely, can I carry the ocean to Naivasha? Only God can do that,” said Kenyatta.

“Hawa wengine ni wetu lakini inakaa they need time ya kutulia, kuwacha matusi, kuwacha spidi mingi na kujua ya kwamba kazi na ukweli inashinda matusi na chuki.”

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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