KRC: Over 2,000 Kisumu residents displaced following night demolitions

Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) left over 2,000 Kisumu residents displaced following night demolitions that left aged members sleeping out in the cold in the wee hours of the night.

Property destroyed at night during demolitions. Courtesy

With the use of tear gas and bulldozers, thousands of elders and children were forced to evict their once-known home as KRC reclaimed their land. Houses in the area of Kibos, Kisumu County were flattened within minutes as the corporation aims to build a railway line.

Many residents were hence left homeless as the men at work heartlessly destroyed the property of the citizens who are said to have lived there for decades.

According to the residents, the KRC defied a court order of demolishing houses before they could evacuate the premises. In addition, one of the residents says their houses were destroyed yet there is a pending court case on ownership of the land.

However, Kisumu City Manager, Abala Wanga, says Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o is currently in talks with Kenya Railways on resettling the affected residents. Wanga pleaded with the Corporation saying that they should reach an agreement as many of the affected residents are elderly people.

Additionally, MCA Kenneth Onyango says the Kenya Railways Corporation did wrong by demolishing houses while they are still negotiating with Governor Nyong’o. Onyango says one child died due to the night demolitions by KRC. But he did not give further details about the death of the child.

Chair of the Kisumu Muslims Association, Sheikh Musa Ismail Hajjim, urged benefactors to assist those affected by making donations of any sort.

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