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Kitui East: Gruesome killing of 5 year old boy

Kitui East residents woke up to a story that no one in that part of the country will be forgetting any time soon.

Five year old Ian Kitheka Kisilu woke up a happy boy on Monday morning, and as usual after breakfast he left for school. The student of Katumbu Pre-school in Kitui East was joined by his friends from neighboring homesteads.

Kitui Level Four Hospital

Together they made their way along a village footpath careful not to be late for school. Everything was okay until they approached the school and a man emerged from the bushes and chased them.

The children fled in different directions but the man went after Ian since the rest run towards the school.

Mental Illness

The Man, now confirmed to be mentally ill, managed to catch Ian and push him to the ground.

Mrs.Mary Muvengei (Chief, Kanduti Location) narrates how the boy was dragged to a bush and strangled to death. Then using a knife slit the boy’s neck and fled carrying the bleeding head having left the body at the scene.

The morning incident was not discovered till the class teacher took a roll call and asked where Ian was from his friends.

It was revealed that the kids forgot to report the morning incident to their class teacher. The teacher notified the head teacher who quickly reported to the area chief and police.

In quick response a search was quickly mobilized comprising of more than 200 villagers, teachers and the area chief.  

The group was horrified to find the headless, lifeless body of Ian and his clothes a few steps from the path.

More than 200 villagers were quickly gathered to search for the boy, led by teachers and the area chief. The search group got horrified after finding out that the boys head was roasted and eaten in the thicket nearby.

The now irate group looked for the mad man and found him around 2pm, stoning him and burning his body.

Tragic Life

Hello News unearthed from his family that Ian’s life had been more tragic that any 5year old should have to bear.

According to his Father Kisilu Kisovi, two weeks earlier the boy had been sodomized by a neighbor who was arrested and charged.

The farther narrated that the neighbor was charged at the Kitui Law Courts and before the trial began the boy was brutally murdered. The suspect in the sodomy case was out on a bond and the case is still pending in court.

Mr. Kisovi found the whole odeal so strange he suspected a satanic connection between his boy’s sodomy and abduction.

The two bodies were later collected by police and taken to Kitui Level Four Hospital mortuary. The police have started investigations into this whole matte

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