Kitui County: Gruesome Murder over Ksh4000 debt

The DCI have arrested a murder suspect Nicholas Luka, in Kitui County, who allegedly killed his friend Simon Mwangangi following an argument of Ksh4000.

A Nairobi Central Police car

According to the police report, the murder suspect had been hosted at the deceased home in Kitui County. An argument ensued over the debt and escalated into a vicious fight which saw Nicholas cut Simons throat.

The police report further says that the suspect watched as his friend bleed to death before dragging his lifeless body out in the compound. Then he is said to have put polythene bags on it and set it and burnt it.

The brother to the slain Mwangangi is said to have stumbled on the crime scene as he was conducting a search. He is said to have discovered some bones, a burnt human skull and some ash

The argument, the report says, degenerated into a vicious fight which saw the suspect slit his friend’s throat with a sharp panga.

According to the report, the suspect watched his friend bleed to death before he dragged his body outside the compound.

He is then said to have heaped plastic bags on the body before setting it ablaze.

On Friday, a search conducted by Mr. Mwangangi’s brother stumbled on the crime scene- discovering a burnt human skull, some bones and ash.

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