Kisumu monkeys terrorize residents of Akingi

Kisumu Monkeys terrorize a family into sleeping in the cold after they took over their home in Akingi.

Kisumu Monkeys terorize residents of Akingi

This comes barely a day after another family spent Thursday night in the cold for the same reason.

The residents of Akingi now want the government to intervene and help solve the monkey problem once and for all.

Mr Nicanor Bodo narrates how he sent his son to check noises coming from the ceiling thinking its cats. His Son’s discovery of a barrel of monkeys shocked him stiff he just fell off the ceiling.

The family has now been forced to sleep in the cold for fear of being attacked by the wild monkeys.

On Friday the family went to check on their house only to find all food eaten by the monkeys. Mr Bodo lamented that he has a family to feed and the monkeys were making him stressed and out of resources.

By Friday evening Mr. Bodo and his neighbors engaged the animals in a heated two hour running battle capturing one.

The remaining monkeys retreated back to their ceiling stronghold leaving the residents of Akingi struck out of options.

Akingi residents now want the government to provide a permanent solution arguing that the monkeys were getting out of hand.

In a weird twist of fate Mr. Bondo asks,” What will do now? The monkeys are eating my food and living in my house, where do i go? “

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