Kisii: Son rapes and kills his own mother

A man in Kisii County is being blamed for raping and afterwards killing his mother over a piece of land. The man was executed by angry locals who learnt of his doing.

A man in Kisii County rapes and kills his mother and flees

The 22-year-old, James Muma, is blamed for raping and choking his mother to death. According to reports, he killed his mother over land disputes.

The mother was choked after she refused to sell part of their family land so that James Muma can buy a motorcycle.

In addition, the suspect decided to flee the scene to avoid capture by the police. Residents however were angry after finding out what he did to his mother.

Police officers of Kisii County of the area have been searching for Muma since the incident was reported.

Muma was spotted in Mogonga town ship where an angry mob took law into their hands and beat him up severely. The mob assaulted with any weapon they could get hold of however, officers rushed to the scene and rescued him.

He was later rushed to the hospital in Kisii area but he did not survive as the injuries from the attack were severe.

Additionally, the sister to the suspect, Martha Nyanchera, says Muma has for a while threatened to murder their mother. She says her brother had raised the matter of selling their land to get a motorcycle for a while.

Nyanchera says his brother is known for smoking bhang and consuming chang’aa thus their mother did not see it wise for him to own a motorcycle or sell their land.

She further states that her brother told everyone along the way that he had killed their mother and they should go and see it for themselves.

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