Kisii arson attacks: 10 arrested over burnt churches

Kisii arson attacks has left five churches burnt and several homes within the County damaged. Police officers have managed to arrest 10 arsonists who are linked to the damages caused in the churches and homes.

One of the burnt churches in Kisii

According to the Kisii Deputy County Commissioner, Ibrahim Mohammed, the 10 are currently undergoing interrogation at DCI headquarters in Kisii County.

In addition, strict security measures have been put in place thus police officers will patrol from 9pm till dawn accordingly.

Earlier, the security officials held a meeting attended by the clergy, local leaders, and the residents as they discussed on matters to do with security for the churches. Officials hope to bring matters within the County back to normal after the constant chaos that has been occurring.

The churches were burnt within one week and the residents indicated that the incidences occurred between 1am and 3am when everyone was asleep. The Kisii arson attacks have left residents and the clergy in shock as they wonder the motive behind the burning of the churches and damaging properties.

Churches that were burnt include St. Monica Church, Legio Maria churches, Worldwide Church, and Seventh Day Adventist. Recently, the Pentecostal Church was also burnt on Sunday.

HELLO NEWS had reported that the Atheist in Kenya Society wrote to NEMA as they demanded the closure of “noisy” places of worship. The society announced that these places of worship disturbed the peace of Kenyans with their loud speakers which emit excess noise.

Meanwhile, schools have also reported cases of burnt dormitories but the cause of the fire is yet to be established. Furthermore, Chesamisi Boys School was closed indefinitely after the students staged riots over the change in their entertainment schedule.

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