BBI taskforce secretary puts the president as his ‘reference’

The Vetting for different diplomatic posts kicked off at a high notch when one of the nominees Ambasador Martin Kimani (BBI Taskforce Secretary) was put to task to explain his inclusion of President Kenyatta as his reference in his Curriculam Vitae. Kimani has applied for a position in diplomacy among other applicants for posts in New york, Ottawa, Canberra, Moscow and Pretoria, who were also vetted.

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Bashir Abdullahi, the Mandera North MP, questioned Kimani’s intention. He posed a question to Kimani asking why he is trying to intimidate Commitee Members by saying Uhuru is his referee. He went on to tell Kimani that the president is the appointing authority and thus cannot be a referee.

In response to Bashir Abdullahi’s question, Kimani apologized to the members and explained he had not thought of the president as the hiring authority and that he could provide another referee.

Martin Kimani. Photo courtesy

He went on to state that he did not mean to intimidate the MPs, all he was thinking when adding the president was that referees are people who know ones character, but he saw his mistake.

The President’s nominee to the United Nations in New York, Kimani, also shocked MPs by proclaiming a Sh58 million net worth despite holding high-profile jobs in his 22 year career.

The vetting members are drawn from National Assembly Defense and Foreign Relations Committee who are undertaking the nomination exercise.


In hopes of winning, he made promises to push for strengthening of the UN offices in Kenya. He added that he will push the Africa’s interests at the United Nations Security Council to which Kenya recently got elected.

Other applicants include Immaculate Wambua (Ottawa Office), John Tips (Canberra Office), Benson Ogut (Moscow Office) and Catherine Mwangi (Pretoria Office).

Immaculate Wambua who is currently serving as Director, Americas Directorate told the nominating panel that she will seek more educational opportunities for Kenyans in Canada.

John Tips said he will seek to create a ‘negotiable relationship’ with Australia and open more opportunities for Kenyan citizens.

Benson Ogutu, addressed the interference of Russia in Kenya elections and said he will push for more involvement with Russia on space technology and engineering. Catherine Mwangi, the nominee for pretoria made a promise to protect Kenya and from racist attacks in South Africa.

At the nominations, the BBI secretary, Kimani, was the center of focus. He was questioned for his lack of belonging in any professional body. He holds MA and a PhD in War Studies from King’s College of London and before his involvement in the BBI, he was the Director of the Counter-terrorism Centre.

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