Kiambu murder: Couple’s son arrested as suspect

Kiambu murder that left five family members has taken a step forward after the eldest son to the dead couple got arrested. DCI was able to track the 22-year-old, Lawrence Simon Warunge, as a prime suspect in the case.

Eldest son of the couple arrested as suspect

Simon is a student at a private university and he was tracked in his hiding ground in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County. Similarly, his girlfriend was arrested as the DCI believe she might have information that will be useful to them.

However, the murder weapons that were used to kill the whole family is yet to be found but a search is ongoing.

DCI stated that the family members were killed brutally with dozens of knife stabs and a slice on each of their throats.

In addition, reports indicate that the murderers were on an elimination mission since no item in the home was stolen.

During the homicide detective investigations in the house, the man’s body was found outside the home while the wife, children, and nephew’s body were inside the house.

The Kiambu murder has left many of the residents and close family members speechless after such a brutal killing.

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