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Khaligraph Jones victorious, leaves Eric shamed

Khaligraph Jones emerged victorious on a battle with self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi.

Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Kenyan rapper, Jones and Comedian, Omondi had planned to battle on the 23rd of February, however, the battle ended in tears for Omondi.

Eric had psyched up his fans telling them how he will beat the rapper in two minutes as he urged fans to support the Boxing Club located in Huruma estate, Nairobi.

Khaligraph Jones did not fail to tell his fans that he will be respected even though Eric continues to call him names and making fun of him.

Jones alias the OG took to social media to say, “Kesho namaliza Gathee Flani imejichocha sana. The OG shall be respected.

During the battle between the two, Eric was beaten within a few minutes when the battle begun.

Kenyans on social media did not fail to laugh at the comedian telling him he had no chance to win. In addition, musician Krgthedon went on to apologize on behalf of all the skinny boys. In his post as seen by HELLO NEWS, he said that Eric has let down all the skinny men. He also apologized on behalf of all the skinny men.

“@ericomondi umetuangusha sana as Skinny Boys Association. Yani hata punch moja ya kufuatia machozi…@Khaligraph_jones naomba msamaha on behalf of all the skinny boys association…”

Here’s what a few netizens had to say about the battle after Eric was left with bruises:

@drofweneke says:

“@ericomondi bro how do you just fall down like the stock exchange nkt!!”

@de_siakaz254 says:

“na ile mdomo yote ameshinda kutusumbuwa nayo…”

@mtunecessary says:

“Erico ni kama wale watoto wachokozi wanachapwa ju ya kiherehere alafu wanastaki kwa head teacher.”

@rockotieno says:

“We kitu unaeza piga ni mdomo. Respect the OG.”

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