KEPSA curfew proposal from 10 pm to 9pm-4am

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has proposed to the government Covid-19 measures including reviewing curfew hours from 10 pm to 9pm-4am.

KEPSA C.E.O Carole Karuga

In a Statement to the press, KEPSA recognized the rise in infections as the reason for the proposals.

KEPSA C.E.O Carole Karuga said that the private sector fully supported of the ongoing vaccination campaign.

She emphasized the need for intensifying vaccination campaigns to make sure all Kenyans are vaccinated by July 31 2021.

Curfew Review

The organization further encouraged the government to order a countrywide curfew for the next three weeks starting from 9pm-4am.

They urged that those exempted from the curfew be companies operating night shifts, night deliveries, and other essential services.

The sector also urged that Easter and Idd celebrations be restricted to indoors for the next three weeks.

The sector proposes that funeral attendance be limited to less than 15 people and reduction in physical office meetings. They have also proposed Kenya’s border policing to minimize cross-border Covid-19 spread.

Issue Indemnity so companies can ship more vaccines

KEPSA have also encouraged the government to start a massive vaccination plan and encourage religious leaders to get vaccinated. They also want the government to issue indemnity to the private sector for them to ship more vaccines.

The statement added that leaders above 50 years within the sector are ready to be vaccinated publicly to create awareness.

KEPSA has also proposed field hospitals to boost the capacity of health facilities and increase in number of ventilators.

It has further proposed that NHIF expedite the accreditation & contracting, capitation, pre-authorization and claims turnaround processes. The processes will then create capacity at primary health fa

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