Kenyans fury over MPs benchmarking trip to Dubai

Kenyans fury over MPs benchmarking trip to Dubai after photos were shared on twitter by Nyali Mp Mohamed Ali. Kenyans fury on his post on twitter was evident, while they expressed disappointment calling the Members wasteful and selfish.

National Assembly Clerk Michael Sialai

Kenya is facing a third surge of Covid-19 infections and a weak economy struggling to recover from Covid-19’s effects.

The Members of Parliament departed on 11th March 2021 and are expected back on 20th March 2021.

 The estimated allowance for the 16 MPs at Sh 143,000 per day will translate to over Sh 20.5million. Each member will walk away with an estimated Sh1.28 million for the week long trip.

 According to regulations, top state officials are entitled to fly business class on any flight that lasts over 5hrs. A flight from Nairobi to Dubai takes about five and a half hours.

Mohamed Ali (Nyali MP) irked Kenyans with his tweets and photos while in dubai creating an uproar on his account.

One Kenyan wondered what was so special in Dubai they could not get in Kenyan hotels. Another one wondering why the trainer could not come to Kenya or just simply do the training session on Zoom.

Justus Muriithi tweeted: “Such actions are what make our politics a matter of life and death come elections. most of these fellows have no desire whatsoever to serve the electorate. Our politics needs fixing ASAP.”

Explaining the Dubai trip

The National Assembly Clerk Michael Sialai said the programme being attended by MPs is known as Masterclass in Public Financial Management. It is tailor made for members serving in finance-related house comitees.

According to Sialai, the class is meant to empower Members with knowledge in aspects of public financial management. He added that the National assembly is facilitating as part of its capacity building for the members.

The clerk also revealed that the leader of Minority John Mbadi is leading the delegation of 16 MPs. He also said that the training is being conducted by Zoe Talent Solutions with their head office in Dubai and another in London.

As Sialai explained, parliament’s strategic plan is to build capacity for members in order to discharge their mandate of oversight. He said that when there’s a chance to for capacity building they do not shy away from facilitating it.

Mohamed, while trying to explain to irate Kenyans why they are in Dubai said that they are always being blamed.  Blamed that they are not performing their oversight role effectively, Kenyans should not he trip wasteful.

Mohamed further explained that it was a government funded trip planned in advance and focused on building capacity for MPs.

As A.M Kiragu put it in response to Mohamed’s Dubai picture post on twitter, “ Shame on you for even thinking its ok to post such a thing, we are here struggling to have a plate on the table, economy shutting down n instead of supporting local hotels u all jump on planes 2 Dubai so that the cut is bigger.Tumbiri na nyani bei ni moja

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