KEMSA: PPEs to be released from warehouse during the weekend

KEMSA will be releasing the Sh5.9 billion PPEs that had been held in their warehouse. This is according to an official communication from the Afya house.

PPEs to be released during the weekend

However, Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, the Health Chief Administrative Secretary, states that Mutahi Kagwe is yet to formalize the directive.

The Senate was questioning the Health authorities on the delay of the release of the PPEs but Mwangangi said that the directive was following a procedure.

Mwangangi stated that a correct procedure must be followed before the PPEs are released. She additionally says that authorization letter for the release of the PPEs will be done by Friday as it is underway.

Similarly, the PPEs will be released at the current local price even though they would me making losses.

Edward Njuguna, the acting CEO of KEMSA, had earlier this week said that the protective gears are available for sale at their initial price of Sh9, 000 per unit.

Each kit has bodysuits, goggles, N95 masks, gloves, and waterproof shoe covers.

In addition, KEMSA hoped to sell the PPEs at a markup of 5% making it Sh9, 450. But the similar PPE is currently being sold in local markets at Sh3, 000.

Therefore, the PPEs would be sold at a loss price for it to be cleared from the warehouse.

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