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Kazi Mtaani: Treasury sets aside Ksh7 billion for youths

National Treasury is setting aside a total of Ksh7 billion for Kazi Mtaani program in order to pay thousands of Kenyan youths.

Kazi Mtaani youths cleaning drainage lines. Courtesy

According to reports, Ksh1 billion will be paid to youths who have not been paid since last year or youths that received partial payments.

The remaining Ksh6 billion will be used on affordable housing projects which will in turn lead the government to employ the youth to work on the housing projects. The government seeks to complete 500, 000 houses by 2022.

Currently, over a thousand youths went without pay since August 2020 due to a short in the budget for the housing project. This had thus led to a number of the youths to protest in some of the counties.

Kazi Mtaani program began in April last year as a means to cushion the youth from the harsh effects brought about by the pandemic. Over four million Kenyans have lost their jobs following the Covid-19 pandemic; however, many found means and ways to survive the harsh realities.

Meanwhile, over 200, 000 youths are employed by the government program in all the 47 counties.

Cleaning streets, cleaning drainage lines, rehabilitation of public facilities, garbage collection, and growing trees are projects involved with the youth program.

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