Kakamega County: Couple demand donations from their church

Kakamega County continues to have numerous but unbelievable cases now and again. A couple from a village in Butere stormed a church to demand their contributions including the clothing of the pastor.

Couple strips off pastor of his clothing. Photo Courtesy

Attendees of the church were left in disbelief as the couple took a number of items that belonged to the pastor. They took items like his mobile phone, suit, pair of shoes, and inner garment.

According to the couple’s statement, the pastor was telling people that they were satanic whereas the two were helping him and the church.

Susan Wafula says she and the husband, Stephen Mukota, have been buying things for the pastor and now he is shaming them. She added that the pastor is telling church members that she and her husband are satanic.

Moreover, the pastor told the clergy that Wafula and Mukota are freemasons and they belong to illuminati.

Mukota and Wafula additionally say that the pastor left the wife for another woman.

The two ferried a number of items they bought for the church after making a call for a pick-up truck from Kakamega County. Items they took include a thermometer gun, tables, tent, musical instruments and chairs.

In addition, they also took his phone, socks, suit, pants and his shoes stating that they are all theirs.

In his defense, the pastor says the two refused to state their means of earning money and that they have been trying to break his relationship with his ex-wife. He also says that he prayed to God on the matter of the couple and God confirmed that the couple is satanic.

Furthermore, the pastor says the couple tried to make his ex-wife wear torn clothes and claim that the pastor neglected her.

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