Justina Wamae: Why I Fell Out With Wajackoyah

Justina Wamae, the Roots Party running mate , has explained the genesis of her fallout with  presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah.

Wamae claimed in an exclusive interview with Citizen Digital that she had a falling out with her principal over the presidential race when he seemed to support Raila Odinga of Azimio la Umoja.

In the presidential race, William Ruto of the United Democratic Alliance and Raila were two of the front-runners.

However, according to Wamae, their fallout, which has been visible to the world, is more of a philosophical than a personal nature.

“My principal did not like it that I gave my opinion when a clip of him appeared showing him endorsing one of our competitors. What I said is that as a party we had not had that discussion and indeed we hadn’t,” she said.

In a letter that was recently posted on social media under the handle of Wajackoyah, Justina is accused of receiving a car and lodging from the party during the campaign.

She has refuted these allegations, claiming that she had her own automobile and a business before she joined the Roots Party.

“Immediately I was picked as running mate, I did an interview where I revealed the business I do with my husband. I even showed my car in that interview. So, no. I have never received anything from the party except food I ate in my principal’s rural home when we visited,” she added.

In response to claims that she broke off contact with Wajackoyah and the Roots Party, Justina claims her principal stopped her before she retaliated.

When she questioned Wajackoyah about accusations that he was backing Raila, he reportedly took it personally and barred her from social media and other channels of communication.

“It is true I blocked him, but he blocked me first when I wanted to know the direction we were taking as a party and what we stood for. He did not like it that I was questioning the way things were going at the time,” she said.

However, Justina asserts that although she is still a party member, Wajackoyah has the last say.

She claims she is still debating and will decide before the material day whether or not to show up for the disciplinary hearing as instructed.

There have also been rumors that she congratulated President-elect William Ruto right away in order to gain favor with his administration.

If Ruto’s victory is upheld by the Supreme Court, Justina says she will apply for the Principal Secretary position in Ruto’s administration just like any other Kenyan would.

 “I will concentrate on public service. If it is Ruto’s government or Raila’s government I will apply for PS position because I am interested in public service, just like I applied in 2018 when I missed the MP seat in 2017,” she concluded.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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