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Joe Biden victorious after US Congress confirmation

Joe Biden has officially been declared victorious by the US Congress. Joe Biden was closely going up against Donald Trump for the Presidential seat.

President-elect formally confirmed victorious by US Congress. Courtesy

According to Vermont’s three electoral votes counting, Biden and Harris are beyond the 270-threshold required to win the presidency seat.

In addition, the Senate and the House rejected the objections to throw the Pennsylvania and Georgia electoral votes.

The certification of President-elect Joe Biden by the US Congress comes after Trump supporters had put up a riot at the US Capitol.

On other matters, Trump was condemned for fuelling violence among his supporters by saying he won the elections.

Similarly, he was banned from posting for 12 hours on Twitter and 24 hours on Facebook. However, Twitter says he will be permanently suspended from tweeting if he continues to spread false news and encourage violence.

Joe Biden encourages his supporters and showed his love to those who voted for him. Kamala Harris also told the voters that it is time for change for United States.

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