ICJ Kenya: “We reject the BBI proposals on constitutional amendments”

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) Kenya has announced its stand concerning the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). On Thursday, the ICJ Kenya announced that it strongly opposes the BBI as they say a referendum should not be a priority.

According to the ICJ, Kenya is facing far worse challenges like poor leadership, corruption, negative ethnicity, mismanagement of public funds, and socio-economic challenges. They say the current concern should not be a referendum considering Kenya has bigger challenges than the constitution.

Additionally, they rejected the BBI recommendation of undermining the rule of law. They further explained that the proposals in the BBI on constitutional amendments are unnecessary. In their view, the issues identified in the BBI can be managed through legal reform, entrenching political will, and instituting policy.

ICJ Kenya furthermore says that the proposed amendments undermine the rule of law and they take away the gains that are entailed in Constitution 2010.

The commission also says their expectation was that the proposals on the BBI would be centered on Kenyans. But the BBI, according to them, is characterized by personal interests and mistrusts hence Kenyans would be left helpless once passed. In addition, the judicial independence will be interfered with and left helpless.

“The proposals to address gender parity in political processes are ill-conceived, and the recommendations on devolution are not favorable or consistent with the letter and spirit of the Constitution 2010,” they added

In conclusion, the ICJ said that the BBI was not accorded adequate time to shape the legal, political, economic and social landscape in an organized manner.

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