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ICC: Kenyan lawyer surrenders

Paul Gicheru, Kenyan lawyer surrendered to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as result of corruptly swaying witnesses in the Hague-based court. According to a declaration made by the court based in Hague, Mr. Gicheru has surrendered after five year search. A warrant for his arrest had been issued in the year 2015 after claims had been made that he corruptly influenced witnesses.

Advocate Paul Gicheru(left), wanted by the ICC for interfering with witnesses at the Hague-based court

Phillip Bett and Mr. Gicheru are accused of bribing the witnesses in the ICC case where the President, Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deputy, William Ruto, were on trial at Hague.


The ICC issued a statement saying, “Today, November 2, 2020, Mr Paul Gicheru surrendered to the authorities of The Netherlands pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by Pre-Trial Chamber II of the ICC.”

The charges against the President were drawn out in December 2014. Whereas the cases involving Henry Kosgei and ex-police chief Huessein Ali were yet to be verified. The case of former Head of Civil Service, Francis Muthaura, was also dropped in March 2013.

Corruption allegation

According to the ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, the Phillip Bett and Paul Gicheru are believed to have corruptly swayed six prosecution witnesses.

The two attempted to bribe or are claimed to have bribed the prosecution witnesses by giving each between Sh500, 000 to Sh5 million. This was done so as they could withdraw as witnesses against the accused.

Fatou Bensouda made a statement saying she trusts that the authorities in Kenya will carry out their obligations under the Rome Statute to certain the surrender of all three suspects to the court’s custody.

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