I was conned Sh28,000 by Senator Omanga,  American Pastor claims.

An American citizen claims that nominated senator Millicent Omanga conned him Sh28,000.00 in a deposit for a flat he had rented in the politician’s Kisii residential complex earlier this year.

The 54-year-old pastor claimed that on January 15, he had rented a unit at Nyamataro Apartment in Kisii Town after paying a total of Sh56,000, of which half represented the actual rent and the other half represented the security deposit..

Mr. David Smittkamp of the US-based Church of Love, who is married to a Kenyan woman who resides in Mosocho, claimed to have lived in the apartment for two months, from January to March 15, and that he was assured he would receive the Sh28,000 he paid as a deposit back after leaving, provided he had not damaged any property.

When it was time for him to go, the caretaker assured him that the money will be returned on April 15 and that he should not be concerned because there was no damage to the apartment.

He left the apartment after eagerly accepting the explanation since he was satisfied with the response, but by April 16 the money had not been wired to him as planned.

 He called about the delay and was assured that the money would be in his M-Pesa account at any moment.

“I was informed the money would be reimbursed three months ago, but I have not seen anything to that effect. The caretaker promised to pay me the money as soon as the senator wired it to him, but since March, he hasn’t gotten it,’’ Mr. Smittkamp claimed.

A picture of a man who is frustrated with being continually demanded money is painted in a number of texts between the pastor and the caretaker.

The caretaker, identified as Vincent, is at pains to explain why he is yet to make the payment, and even tells the American that if he is not given the money by Ms Omanga, he will ensure Mr Smittkamp gets half of the Sh28,000 in a week’s time, and finish the rest by May.

“I have texted her…not yet responded, hope she will respond,” he texted the exasperated former tenant on April 16, before adding, “Sir, if she is going to give, then as from next week, I will ensure I give half then again earlier next month, (May)I give another half. This is because it stresses me a lot sir.”

Oddly, the pastor was informed that the copy of the receipt that had been given to him could not be located.

In another communication thread from May, Mr. Vincent discloses that his monthly salary is Sh6,000 and even makes the offer to give Smittkamp Sh5,000.

“I must pay because I am not ready to be sent back to the village. Please, immediately she pays me, I will send (you the money),” he texted.

By the end of June, Mr Smittkamp had not received his money.

“I wonder how a person, with a high position as that of the senator would con people in this manner. I even called her and after hearing me, she clicked, hung up the phone and blocked my number,” he said.

Ms. Omanga, who is running for the role of Nairobi women representative, responded to the claims by claiming she couldn’t recall the details of the issue but stressed that if it was about the rent, Mr. Smittkamp should speak with the agents overseeing the property and not her. Despite the caretaker telling the priest that he was awaiting payment from the senator, this continues.

“I do not recall such a matter. I honestly do not remember such a thing, but being an issue of rent and deposit, he (Smittkamp) should contact the apartment’s agents, who I am sure will handle the matter,” she said.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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