Huddah Monroe: “I’m truly sorry for asking inconsiderate questions on body types”

Huddah Monroe has come out apologizing to everyone she body shamed years ago following a remark from businesswoman yummy mummy.

Yummy Mummy Kenya. Courtesy

Yummy Mummy had received a package from the socialite’s company, Huddah cosmetics. However she said she did not like the brand because the CEO of the brand, Huddah Monroe, had constantly body-shamed fat people several years ago.

In her social media post as seen by HELLO NEWS, Yummy Mummy said that she loves and at the same time hates the brand.

“Hate cause Huddah openly fat shames and said she doesn’t care if fat people never use her products. In her words, we should all just go to the gym and lose some weight,” Yummy Mummy wrote on her status.

Following the post, the socialite and CEO responded to the remark saying that she is sorry for posing inconsiderate questions to fat people. In addition she said that she is not the type to hate on anyone.

On her post, she said that, “I’m truly sorry for asking inconsiderate questions on body types several years ago and apologize to anyone I hurt. If you knew me personally you’ll definitely know I am never that types of person to hate on anyone, especially not on body as mine will surely not be this way forever.”

Monroe added that she loves everyone equally.

The CEO also stated that she learned from her mistake and helps others to understand how some of the statements they make can affect others.

“But thanks to that, I used that experience to grow, helping others to understand how some statements are completely unacceptable as you never know who you hurt here on social media,” said the socialite.

Lizzo fat-shamed

Earlier, Huddah had fat-shamed the American singer and songwriter, Lizzo saying that the singer is nothing but obese.

“If you are fat you are fat if you are skinny you are skinny! Stop lying to yourselves…” she posted.

However, netizens did not fail to lash out at her telling her she will not have her hourglass figure forever.

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