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How to Make Money from Home

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The World comprises about 7 billion people. About 4 billion of this population is currently thinking about where or how to make an extra coin.

The need to make an extra coin has become more urgent during the COVID-19 pandemic than before. However, some clear paths to making money from home could be right within your surrounding.

While other people have lost hope already, others have started to utilize the opportunities around them. Technology has established a challenging world; a world where only innovative people can survive.

So how can you make money from home during this “stay at home” period and quarantine?

  1. Selling gently used clothes

Selling clothes that you no longer use to people who may want them is one of the ways through which you can start making money from home. Selling the gently used clothes can be done online through various social media platforms such as Facebook, or offline in your neighborhood.

  • Getting babysitting gigs

Everybody from undergraduates to retirees can make an extra coin by watching over other’s children. Word of mouth referrals from friends and relatives can help you get this job.

  • Becoming a Freelancer by  working online

Websites such as Up-work offer opportunities to do freelancing jobs. Other freelancing activities include online marketing, online teaching and online concerts. The internet also offers numerous opportunities such as designing, programing, writing, virtue assistance and data entry. Individuals who are fluent in foreign languages can also offer translation services to sites such as One Hour Translation and Gengo.

  • Selling  performance opinion to  websites such as

Monkey surveys and sites such as pays users for their opinions about how well or bad certain apps and websites work. However, one must apply and pass a test to be accepted. The tests pay about $10 for about a twenty-minute test.

  • Renting Personal Cars or an extra room in your house

You can make money from home renting your personal car or an extra room. Millions of clients are waiting at Airbnb to get a room that the can rent. Listing your extra room there is a good idea of making money from home.

  • Taking Surveys for  Money

You can generate an extra coin by taking an online survey. However, you should not expect to roll in the dough. You can google for a variety of survey sites, but they don’t offer a huge amount of return.

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