How To Get Tickets To Luciano Concert In Nairobi

Luciano, a Jamaican reggae sensation, is in Nairobi for the Unite the Youth Concert on Saturday, June 11, 2022, at the Ngong Racecourse.
Jepther Washington McClymont, Luciano’s real name, arrived in Kenya on Wednesday morning.

Kenyans must purchase tickets on to see Luciano’s live performance, which is sponsored by Citizen TV and Hot 96, among others.
The following are the ticket prices on the platform:

KES 2,000 for advance tickets

KES 5,000 for VIP tickets

KES 9,000 for a regular group of five.

KES 10,000 for VVIP

KES 18,000 for a VIP group of four.

VVVIP – KES 100,000 – All-Inclusive Full Safari/Concert Bottle Service

Luciano’s trip aims to bring the youth together ahead of the August elections. He’ll also travel on a safari and teach a workshop to a group of young musicians.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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