Harmonize: Is the Tanzania-based musician free for the taking?

Harmonize has been hit with a big blow as his wife responds to him taking care of a child outside their marriage. His wife, Sarah Michelotti says the child is not even his but he says he will take care of the baby.

Sarah Michelotti shows DNA tests that show Harmonize is not the father of proclaimed child

In a long Instagram post spotted by HELLO NEWS, Sarah says she was madly in love with Harmonize however he did not respect her. She added that the musician has not once thanked her for all she did for him.

Additionally, Harmonize had earlier on said that he is not perfect and was hoping that her one year old and seven month baby can forgive him for neglecting her. He also says he will give his daughter all his heart and love.

Sarah had later provided evidence showing that he is not the father of the baby he is claiming is his. She also said that he did not know how to take care of her and hopes he will be a good father to the proclaimed daughter.

Michelotti later on decided to call it quits after having had a rough time with Harmonize for the period they were married.

On her Instagram page, she posted saying that, “Mara mbili wamepima DNA ya motto bado majibu ni negative. Hongera kwa adoption, utakua na roho nzuri. Hukujua jinsi ya kutunza mke sababu ya maovu yako natumai utajua kutunza mtoto.”

A day later after Harmonize announced about his child, Sarah wrote on her social media page saying, “You didn’t ever appreciate what I did for you and now is too late. Life will teach you the lesson you deserve for what you did and now I will be focusing on my life”

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