Harmonize Gets A Second Tattoo For His Ex Girlfriend Kajala

Harmonize, a Tanzanian singer, is on a charm offensive to reclaim his ex-girlfriend Frida Kajala’s heart.

Harmonize got a new tattoo of his daughter’s mother on his leg, just days after Kajala consented to forgive him.

The tattoo was inspired by a #TBT photo of Kajala and her daughter Paula when she was still a toddler. The words “I am sorry” were also etched on the tattoo.

This is Kajala’s second tattoo.Harmonize and Kajala both got tattoos of each other’s names on their necks in 2021. The letter ‘K’ was then inscribed, while Kajala had the letter ‘H’.

Before a terrible breakup in April 2021, the two were shown to be deeply in love.

The artist felt regret for splitting up with the mother of one in 2022, and set out on a mission to win her back. Harmonize first apologized publicly to Kajala before erecting a billboard in Tanzania.

His acts had little effect on Kajala, so he decided to buy her two Range Rovers.Harmonize’s perseverance in May 2022 drew Kajala’s notice, who declared she had forgiven him. She then proceeded to unblock him on social media.

“Forgiveness doesn’t mean you approve of what they did; it just means you won’t hold on to that negative energy any longer,” Kajala wrote on Instagram.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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