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Government to Lift the Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions

Director General MoH Dr. Patrick Amoth: Photo Courtesy

Government to lift the remaining COVID-19 restrictions if the coronavirus infection curve flattens within the next three weeks.

The ministry of health (MoH) says that the next three weeks are vital as they will determine whether the government will lift the remaining COVID-19 containment regulations.

During a press briefing issued by the ministry on Monday regarding coronavirus infections, recoveries, and fatality rates in the country, the Ministry’s Director General Dr. Patrick Amoth stated that a declining positivity had been witnessed over the past one week.

Dr. Amoth further claimed that the declining trend in coronavirus infections in the country shows that the government’s COVID-19 containment measures are yielding fruits and that the country might soon be free from the virus.

However, DR. Amoth insisted that the country’s infection curve is still too far from flattening as now as COVID-19 is concerned. He said, “For the past one week or so you have noticed a decreasing positivity rate which as of today stands at 6%. That tells you we are making progress but we have not hit the magical 5% which we need to hit and sustain for two weeks before we can actually say we are flattening the curve.” 

According to the director-general, the country requires to report a sustainable positivity rate not exceeding 5% for MoH to declare the curve flattened. After that, the ministry will not hesitate to lift the remaining containment measures.

 Surprisingly, Dr. Amoth maintained his earlier projections that the infection peak is expected from now until the end of September.

Amoth’s claims come when the MoH is experiencing shortage of reagents used in testing for COVID-19. According to the Health Ministry, CAS Dr. Rashid Aman’s decline in the positivity rate experienced over the last week could be due to testing fewer samples.

The latest cases of COOVID-19 infections based on the MoH report issued on Monday, August 24, 2020, is 193.

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