Githongo Claims A 56-Man Team Altered Forms 34A To Favour Ruto

John Mark Githongo, the CEO of the Inuka Kenya ni Sisi organization, has disputed the results of the presidential election in his petition, claiming that they were tainted by illegal activity in favor of the 9th respondent.

President-elect William Ruto is listed by Githongo as the ninth respondent in the suit that was submitted to the Kenyan Supreme Court on Monday.

Githongo asserts that a whistleblower has proof that the findings were falsely inflated, withheld, and replaced.

On August 18, a young guy was brought to him in Nairobi, and he claimed to have “a subject of national importance he wished to discuss.” He went on to explain that.

Githongo claimed that the young man, who was “clearly tense and afraid,” disclosed the reality regarding how the 9th respondent won the contest.

“He revealed to me utterly shocking details of how he together with others, were involved in a large scale, well orchestrated fraudulent scheme that enabled them to interfere with and compromise with their IEBC electoral data transmission system,” read part of the petition.

The man, according to Githongo, claimed to be a member of “The Team,” a group of 56 individuals put together to guarantee a false triumph “by any means imaginable.”

The remaining 46 individuals were given access to the altering entries, while ten individuals (including the young man) worked as supervisors. They had to get form 34As from KIEMS Kits, alter them, and then upload them to the IEBC portal.

The court documents list the other supervisors as Dennis Itumbi, Morris Mutegi, Davis Chirchir, Jackson Kandi, Baby Serge, and Kibyegon.

Githongo noted that the team’s ICT specialists had access to the IEBC’s back-end servers, which collaborated with Smartmatic, the business that was awarded the contract to supply the polling technology.

He claims to have a video of the testimony to support his argument, but he won’t provide it to anyone until he appears in court.

He added that he would hide his face and alter his voice for the young man’s protection.

A non-governmental organization called Inuka Kenya works to develop ethical leadership in Kenya. They participated in the polls that just ended as observers.

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Written by Esther Oyugi

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